Volunteer From Home


Find organizations and neighbors who could use your immediate support below

Volunteer remotely

  • Join the Virufy team (volunteer positions include PM, ambassador, developer, social media, and more!) working to stop COVID-19 through early detection
  • Sign petitions collected by Black Lives Matter
  • (Required training) Sign up as a listener at 7cups – Take 30 minutes of active listener training, and act as a first responder.
  • Find a list of remote volunteering opportunities at Volunteer Match
  • Woman Kind –  Become a Woman Kind volunteer. (Estimated time varies based on volunteer opportunity). 
  • Sew cloth masks – Have a sewing machine at home? You can give back by making and donating cloth masks to local medical communities in need. You can also make fabric masks for non-COVID-19 patients, as they are helpful in other areas of patient care. (Estimated time varies.)
  • Take training and become a crisis text volunteer through the Crisis Text Line

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